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DIY Beeswax Kit

Do you have a stash of fabrics waiting to be made into beeswax food wraps? We’ve spent lots of time experimenting to find the perfect blend and to find the easiest way (no blending, no grating beeswax!) for you to make your own fabric wraps.

We’ve put together a pack of our signature beeswax blend, detailed tips and instructions and a brush to get you started on your DIY beeswax wraps journey. Each pack includes enough beeswax for 4-5 medium (25cm) wraps (enough to make one 50 cm square piece of fabric).

Our DIY pack includes:

  • 80g of our signature blend organic Australian beeswax, natural tree resin and organic jojoba oil which is enough to coat 4-5 medium (25cm) pieces of fabric.
  • a brush to spread the wax
  • and our instructions and notes on how to make your own beeswax wraps
  • excludes fabric


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